VuMe Demo Download and Installation Instructions

1. Click here if your VuMe demo download does not automatically start in 10 seconds.

Download Demo

2. When your download is complete click the VuMe DEMO Setup.msi file, located at the bottom of this browser window, to install. Or find and run the setup file from your Downloads folder.

vume demo download complete    arrow left

3. If the Windows protected your PC message appears, click More Info then Run anyway.

Click More info > Run anyway

Click here for more information about Windows Defender SmartScreen

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

5. When installation is complete, run VuMe (Demo) from your Desktop or Windows Start Menu.

6. When your first run VuMe the User Guide will appear.  You can access the User Guide at any time by the Help > User Guide.

vume user guide help

If you have any problems with the installation or getting started then feel free to contact us for support.

Don’t forget to check out the VUME FAQ for any problems and further information.

VuMe 1.1 Patch Notes

Released 15th August 2018.


  • When authorised, VuMe will automatically post on your Twitter feed for uploaded videos.
    • Include media (up to 4 images or 1 animated GIF or 1 video)
    • Also works with Video Templates

Bug Fixes:

  • Timeout message no longer displayed when linking a YouTube account after linking for a 2nd time.

Windows Protected Your PC

If you try installing the VuMe Demo on a Windows 8 or 10 machine you may come across the message “Windows protected your PC”.  And Seemingly, it prevents you from installing the VuMe Demo.

However, it just hid the install button behind More Info. Click on More Info and you can click the Run anyway button to continue installation.

Why does Windows do this? It’s a security feature designed to help protect your PC.  It can help prevent malicious software from being installed and it also stops unknown software from being installed.  VuMe is classed as an unknown application, because Windows SmartScan is does not yet know about VuMe.

What about viruses? The VuMe demo and full version are hosted on the BMT Micro servers.  BMT Micro are a vendor whom have been distributing software for over 10 years.  Any files you download from their servers (including VuMe) have been virus scanned and confirmed to be clean.

More information on Windows SmartScreen can be found below:

Windows 10 Defender SmartScreen (

Windows Defender SmartScreen: How to Deal With ‘Windows Protected Your PC’ Warnings (


Dev Update 14/07/2018

VUME_Logo2It’s been just over a week since VuMe has been released and it’s development continues towards improving the quality of life for content creators on YouTube.

The next new feature will allow you automatically notify your followers on Twitter about your next published video and optionally include media (image/gif/video) in the tweet.

I will also be working towards automating thumbnail selection for those running a video series, like Let’s Players, Bloggers and <insert you> do.