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Create, manage and use multiple YouTube Upload Defaults with an easy to use template system and tools.  Gain YouTube SEO insights to determine effective keyword and find popular topics.  Take control of your bandwidth with VuMe’s upload speed, pause and concurrent upload options.  And there’s so much more…

Requires Windows 64-bit OS,  .NET Framework 4.5

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Video uploading made easy for YouTube

Fed up of copying and pasting the same blurb and meta-data over and over again into your video title, description and tags?  Bored of making those important yet tiny edits to the video details or re-entering the same tags for the 77th time?

VUME saves time and reduces frustration.

To a new content creator, doing everything by hand or using YouTube’s upload defaults doesn’t do much to reduce the repetitiveness of the content creation process.  For the experienced and dedicated, it’s those minor details and changes that add to the frustration and many hours of preparation.  Yet, all of that and more is required to perfect your video meta data to ensure success when releasing your latest and greatest content to your fans.

VUME is the better way to upload.

Vume can save you time and reduce frustration when publishing videos to YouTube.  Speed up your creation process with VUME.

General Features Demo version Full version
Multiple Account Profiles  
YouTube Video Uploading
Upload Manager
Pause and resume video uploads  
Manage upload speed  
Multiple Concurrent Video Uploads  
Video Templates (Upload Defaults)
Automatically Tweet your uploaded videos to Twitter

  • Customised Tweets with YouTube Video URL
  • Tweet media (upto 4 images or 1 animated GIF, or 1 video)
YouTube SEO Experience.

  • Discover popular tags
  • Find popular videos
  • Filter search results to focus on key data
  • Export search data to CSV/Excel for convenience
Integrated YouTube API Features Demo version Full version
Upload videos to YouTube
Basic Video Details Editing
Advanced Video Details Editing  
Schedule Publishing Days/Times  
Assign Videos to Playlists
Create new Playlists  
Fast YouTube search features  
= Full feature set available = Limited feature set available

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