A-Spec First Assault Patch 0.12.1 (November 2023)

The first update for A-Spec First Assault, after being released into Early Access last week, is now live on Steam.

A new update is released for A-Spec First Assault bringing much-loved improvements to explosion visual effects, reading transmission dialogue, improvements to HUD/UI screen usage across various resolution ratios, more bug fixes, and even more improvements. See the full patch notes down below.

A civilian transport is being buzzed by hostile fighters.
The civilian transport takes enemy weapons fire and starts venting plasma and atmosphere.
Civilian transports docked at the mining station prepare to make a run through the blockade.

Patch Notes 0.12.1

  • Improved explosion visual effects
  • Transmission ticker added to flight HUD
  • Resolution ratio UI fix
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements to prologue missions

Known Issues

  • Autospeed match ‘close’ setting does not work as expected
  • Colliders for Fighter, Gunship, Carrier, and Large Transport are not optimized for best-fitting
  • Jump-out animations are not scaled correctly for ships bigger than a gunship
  • Guard My Target command is not implemented


  • UI cut off when using 1920×1200 resolution and other edge case resolutions
  • HUD Afterburn and Speed Indicator panels fail to maintain scaled positions across various screen resolutions
  • Advanced Navigation tutorial has reference to completing intermediate training
  • Explosions now look better than before
  • Distinct debris flickering when the player rotates the view
  • Prologue Mission 7: The briefing title states “Prologue 1” and should be “Prologue 7”
  • Various scripting improvements and fixes across all Prologue Missions
  • Pause menu background is not flush with the border
  • Spelling error in the tutorial weapons_01_primary transmission dialogue


  • HUD Monitoring panel for tracking the status of important structures during campaign missions
  • Added External Orbit Camera during flight
  • Ticker text for displaying player-received transmissions in the top left of the HUD during flight
  • Prologue Mission 4: Added transports to the monitoring panel
  • Prologue Mission 4: Transports have now been given names better than Transport X
  • Prologue Mission 7: Added transports to the monitoring panel


  • Increased max range of distance indicators for missile alert to 8000
  • Wingman monitoring panel adjusted in size and now scales horizontally
  • Adjusted flight HUD element positions to make best use of screen space across a range of display resolutions
  • HUD Waypoint marker now has a border to make it stand out better on bright backgrounds
  • Prologue Mission 3: Beautiful Mind is now the first object to be targeted
  • First Person Camera positions for cockpit views moved nearer the model bounds and more central to that location (you’ll see less of your ship)
  • Removed the non-functional News button from the Campaign menu

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