A-Spec First Assault launches into Early Access on Steam

A-Spec First Assault is available to buy now on Steam. Releasing into Early Access, A-Spec First Assault adds a mini prologue campaign designed to introduce new players to concepts and features over 7 missions.

Completing the prologue opens the campaign preview with 3 main and 5 side missions. These are the same missions made available in the demo.

The skirmish gameplay mode provides quick access into combat with abilities to change the loadout and number of ships on a 1 v 1 team singleplayer with AI teammates.

A-Spec First Assault offers a wide range of customization options for each ship. Equip your vessel with an array of primary projectile guns and secondary missile launchers, bolstering your frontal assault. Alternatively, opt for turreted guns that provide wider firing arcs, or adopt a balanced approach with a combination of both. Remember, bigger ships deliver greater firepower and make bigger targets.

Augment your ship’s performance with support modules, bolstering its core systems. Enhance agility, top speed, armor, hull strength, fire rate, firepower, and more, tailoring your vessel to your play style.

A-Spec First Assault Trailer

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