Absolute Territory 2.4.1 update

Merry Christmas or happy holidays as you celebrate. I’ve been reticent this year due to long-standing issues with Long Covid. I’m still here though!

I’ve been making progress with A-Spec First Assault and some of the changes made with A-Spec I have brought them into Absolute Territory.

The update came in two parts, due to a couple of things overlooked. The big takeaway is an improvement in FPS when flying through asteroid and mine fields and (hopefully) less micro jitter overall. I improved the floating origin system. If you flew really far out you’d notice weird wobble effects which are now fixed and were the whole reason for such a system in the first place.

All this came in time for the Steam Winter sale. Pick up Absolute Territory with 75% savings.

2.4.1 Release (20221223)
Overview – A couple of things have been overlooked since the last patch

Fixed – Spawn positions are off while progressing through multiple nav points in a mission
Fixed – Missile decoys were not included in the floating origin

2.4.0 Release (20221222)
Overview – Big fixes and performance improvements

Fixed – Default Flight View Perspective set to Last Used will always start in 3rd person view if the player died in a mission
Fixed – Frame Rate limit was being ignored when setting graphics quality to medium or higher
Fixed – A cause of object jitter when the player was rotating their ship
Fixed – Target health bars show above the player’s scores during in-flight
Fixed – Target health bars showing above the player’s gunsight during in-flight
Fixed – The FPS counter remains, after being enabled during a mission when the player restarts the mission
Fixed – The mouse flight cursor showing above the control bindings screen
Fixed – MLRS missiles will no longer collide and explode with each other when launched

Amend – Physics update is now linked to the game Frame Rate limit
Amend – Frame Rate limit ’15FPS’ option replaced with ‘Monitor’. Which will use your monitor refresh rate for the frame rate
Amend – Removed the refresh rate values from the video options screen resolution dropdown list

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