In Development for PC: A-Spec First Assault

Digitum Software is pleased to announce a new tactical space simulator combat with fast and manoeuvrable corvettes to hulking warships armed with sophisticated yet traditional style weaponry known to modern military.

Experience first-person tactical space combat in A-Spec First Assault. Fly corvette class warships, customize your load-outs, and do battle against opposing forces where ship positioning matters.

Keep your enemy against your strongest side while you attack their weakest.
All warships use a quadrant damage model covering the front, right, rear, left sides. Positioning your ship is just as important to protect yourself as it is in attacking your target’s weak sides.

Familiar present-day weaponry
The majority of weaponry available will be familiar to present-day and mountable on turrets with limited firing arcs.

Prestige Points are the main currency used to purchase new ships, weapons, and modules upgrades. Earn Prestige by completing mission objectives, taking down opponents, and avoiding damage to your ship’s hull.

Warship Customization
Customize your ship’s weaponry with a range of projectile and missile turrets. Turrets slots have a maximum supported size and fitting the biggest guns in each slot is not an option.

Enhance the abilities of your warship by fitting modules. Modules will have an impact on offensive and defensive ship systems and crucial for gaining an advantage during a fight.

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