Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator is available to buy on Steam for Windows PC.

Join the Imperial Hegemony and reclaim Bold Peace from the invading Endophora and restore Absolute Territory for your empire. Experience a story-driven campaign directed by briefings with 21 missions and 6 Imperial space fighters to fly with cockpit interiors.

For the thrill-seekers, get straight into the action with Squadron and The Gauntlet scenarios.

Or create custom missions with the Absolute Territory in-game Level Editor. Challenge your piloting skills, develop unique scenarios you only previously imagined. You decide the challenge by adjusting the environment and opponents. Fight with the most devastating weapons against lighter opponents or truly test your skills against-all-odds.

Share your custom mission with other Absolute Territory pilots in a few clicks, or explore the workshop, subscribe, and play potentially infinite missions created by players like you.

Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator featuring:

  • Fight in WW2 style space fighter dogfights in first and third-person views
  • Experience a single-player campaign with 21 missions and 7 Imperial Hegemony space fighters to fly
  • Master the Newtonian style physics with an emphasis on fun over realism
  • Override the Flight Computer for RCS and pull off daring maneuvers
  • Circle strafe your opponents or perform epic slides
  • Evade incoming weapon fire using manual thruster controls
  • Create custom missions with an easy to use and robust Level Editor with access to all 11 Imperial Hegemony and Endophora space fighters, and a full arsenal of weaponry to choose
  • Subscribe and play from a variety of player-made custom missions in the Steam Workshop.
  • Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents
  • Take the ultimate challenge of The Gauntlet

Buy it now for a -10% launch discount.

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